If I understand it right, Urban Meyer(sp) told Foley sometime last Saturday that he was hanging it up.

Now it doesn't take a genius to figure that Foley started his search that night. At least he made a list of candidates.

Now, if Mullen was at the top of that list, you gotta figure he was talked to very early on. It stands to reason that he would already have an offer in hand from Florida.
If so, you have to figure that he would be named by now, if for no other reason Scott Stricklin would not let this drag out.

I am beginning to feel Mullen isn't at the top of that list. Now, this could be good or bad. Good if they hire one of their top choices. Bad if they get turned down by the top guys on the list and offer Mullen in a week or so. That would be a VERY damaging blow to State's program.

Let's hope my feeling is right, and let's hope Florida doesn't hear the word "No" from too many people.