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    The Annual Many Trips To The Emergency Room Gala

    That's right, today is Saddawg's Christmas Shrimp and Oyster Fest Party today here at Stony Lonesome.

    "Loco culo gringos y Navidad", as my Coo-Chee Claire says every year.

    Fatback and the Captain woke me bright and early to set up their cooking crap all over the deck. They better be glad they can cook or they would be two uninvited sumbitches after last year.

    Needless to say Mr. John Q. Law had to be summoned. Luckily the two cops were known to me and I was able to keep any rights from being read.

    This is still the most horrifying Christmas card ever.................

    We kicked off the event with our crew's traditional watching of Clark and Cousin Eddie's Christmas adventures last night. That always make me get in the Christmas mood.

    The Fool will of course bring a big batch of his "Panty Remover Punch", which I will of course drink a lot of even though I say every year I won't ever do it again.

    Therefore I shall be very much hung over tomorrow as I head out to see and do the family thing.

    Hungover traveling, the sign of stupid and not very well thought out planning.

    So, even if I survive today and tonight I won't be around here anyway for the next few days.

    See y'all next week and I hope you all have a Merry Christmas.

    As I type this I just heard this statement from out on the deck........

    " Make sure that damn water hose is on and close by. I'm fixing to light these bastards up."

    God bless us each and everyone. We are sure gonna need it today.

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    The Annual Many Trips To The Emergency Room Gala

    And a Merry Christmas to you Saddawg! Enjoy the fresh shrimp and oyster (and libations) today. See you in Jacksonville!

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