Sorry, but I've been on a little break.

After drinking the equivalent of The St. John River during our 4 day stay in Jax'ville, I headed up the coast to see some friends. I then flew to the homeland to collect some lease money from a bunch of deer hunting obsessed dudes with more money than brains. Can't believe that people pay that much to shoot a damn deer. Hell, they are everywhere.

I did go hog hunting, though. That's my kind of hunting. No rules, no limit, no sitting still. Just turn the dogs loose and start blasting. Any type gun, bow or bazooka you kind find. You can even bait 'em.

Outlaw hunting, that's more to my liking.

As far as the game, I'm sure it's been discussed to death. Good times laying the smack on a team like that.

Michigan must have felt like Ole Miss did back when they went to Jacksonville. Just a complete man handling by a vastly superior physical football team.

Well, I got a gumbo started for the crew coming tonight for the big game. I actually like cooking certain things, and a good seafood gumbo is my favorite to make. Sipping a Bloody Charlie with a little Ryan Bingham playing on the I-pod while doing it makes for a nice peaceful time before moving on to the hard stuff and hopefully a good game tonight.

Although this game is billed for the offenses, I've always said the team with the better defense wins. I'm gonna go with an SEC defense and say Auburn wins.

I'm still not sold that the Pac-10 plays defense very well.

Who you got? Kinda a tough choice this year.

Let's compare the two........................




Aubie in a close one.