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    Well, Time To Grind

    Something other than my teeth.

    My ass off time is drawing to a close.

    Hell, I'm still going to ass off, but football will just become part of that assing off time. I will HAVE to be somewhere at certain times watching football. That is the only thing that I HAVE to do that makes me happy. I hate to HAVE to do anything else. That's why I'm not a charter boat Captain.

    You HAVE to be somewhere at a certain time running a charter. Screw that.

    And yes, I HAVE to watch and go to college football games. Not for a job, not because I ain't got anything else to do, and not just because I love it with all my soul.

    I HAVE to do it for complete mental sanity.

    See, I got this mutant defect gene (among many others) that makes me HAVE to go to games and watch them on TV. I can't explain it.

    I tried to just watch only State one year. Either live or on TV. Went to no other games and tried not to watch any others on TV.

    It lasted about two weeks.

    I was as crazy as a square grouper hunter in a 14 ft aluminum john boat looking at a 200 pound bale in 10 foot seas.

    It's my drug, and I shall soon be blissfully trying to OD on it.

    So you see, once football season is over I get the DT's, the night sweats, and see those bad little gremlins in every corner of the room. Like any other addict, I have to go to rehab.

    Sure I sneak a little fix in come spring football time. But that's like wine at communion. Not enough to get you hooked, and it ain't gonna do much but piss a drunk off.

    So, after the big fun in Jacksonville, I entered rehab.

    Here's the cliff notes version of my rehab...................

    Stayed off the message board as much as possible, drank a lot, hunted some, little bit of golf, many miles of blue water wake off my stern, dead fish by the hold full, a business venture( long story I'll save it for another post), some island haunts that other lost souls like me tie up to so we can try to get our lives back on course, a Cooch or two, watching this last hurricane, and getting kicked in the nuts while standing in the lobby of a high dollar hotel in Dallas by a famous drunk Pornstar in what was a (for once) case of mistaken identity.

    Rehab, Saddawg style.

    But now the jonesing is getting bad. Thank God they haven't outlawed college football ,yet.

    How's State gonna do this year?

    If they stay healthy, they should be fine. I will say the same as I did last year.... they could be good but the record MIGHT not show it.

    Let's be honest, to equal last years record, we gotta trade the Florida win somewhere. That means either Auburn or SC. And beat Georgia again, at Georgia. Kinda tough, huh. If we lose to Georgia, we got to beat both Auburn and SC to equal the record.

    And that's assuming we beat Ole Miss and Kentucky. It has been my thoughts for a while now that Kentucky is the most important game every year. Beat Kentucky and the non- conference teams and at least you have a shot at a bowl going into the Ole Miss game.

    Even IF State stays healthy it's gonna be hard to improve on last year. I'm gonna give us a game less and say( again assuming no big injury losses) that State will be 6-5 going into the Egg Bowl.

    I ain't ready to pick that one yet.

    So, Saddwg One will soon be wheels up heading up to see my man E and the Memphis Mafia.

    I'm jonesing bad boys and girls. So bad that I just had the thought that I wish I was banging Lisa Marie, not because I really want to, but because if I were, I could stay at Graceland for the game and then watch the others that weekend down in the TV room that has 3 TVs in it.

    Junkies are sick bastards, and I'm a junkie.

    Never trust a junkie looking for a fix.

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    Well, Time To Grind

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