I guess I should say Week One Recap of games that people that read this attended. ( Except Bama Dave.)

First off let's look at our misguided brethren to the North................

Full disclosure, I picked the Bears to win this one. I thought they were better athletically at more positions. QB was the unknown. Looks like it still may be.

I really looked for the Bears to pound the run and then pound it some more and wear down the milk and cookie boys. Still don't understand why they didn't. I know they weren't getting much early, but as long as the game was close or they were ahead, I'd have used the strategy Mullen used against the Gators last year. I admit I'm surprised they struggled running it.

I thought BYU would spread it out and sling it. Where was I, that I missed Mendenhall hiring Croom to be his OC? As bad as Ole Miss was offensively, BYU was just as bad. Only when BYU spread it out late were they able to throw the ball and go score.

The Bear defense is better this year, but how could it not be? They still aren't to good right now against teams that spread them out and make Tyrone think. I just don't see where they replaced anybody on D that seriously upgraded their talent there. They do seem to be in the right place more now, I'll give them that.

OM should have won, if for no other reason BYU severely limited their own chances running the Croom Coast Offense.

And Hootie....... as long as you are ahead, run the ball. Don't put the game in a first time QB's hands when it's on the line.

A lot of people have questioned that call. Hootie himself said the reason he did that was he didn't want them to get the ball back.

Sounds like Hootie would rather put the game on a rookie QB than his veteran DC.(I really did not mean for that to rhyme like that).

Sounds like Hootie, like me, ain't sold on the new and improved D yet either.

The Walk in Memphis........

Good scrimmage for the offense. That's about all it was. Memphis was ok up front but atrocious in the secondary.( As my buddy Spiderman would say, they suffer from Under-Bro syndrome at safety).

Sorry, can't tell much from a scrimmage.

Positives, Relf looked comfortable, Ballard looked like Ballard should in year two, Tubby Lewis gives us a spark, we didn't drop a lot of passes.

Defense was another story.

D-line , especially the youngsters impressed. Boyd was a beast. Eulls looks the part, and Virges and Jones looked better than I had hoped for.

Linebackers were a little lost looking, maybe understandable it being all three's first starts. They gotta fit gaps better, scrape over the top better, and ,most importantly, tackle better.

Secondary looked like the should against the pass. Should be a common theme if we stay healthy. And while they may knock some people out this year, they better get better at tackling too.

Overall State looked like a good team should against a bad one. They blew them out, lot of people got to play and get their feet wet, and probably most important, nobody got hurt.

This week the Bears will roll. BYU's main asset was up front on both sides of the ball. OM ain't gotta worry about fronts like that this week.

Down at Dying Trees Acres, State better be in top form. Auburn is not as good as last year and suffer from youth, but they are in good favor with the football Gods right now. Actually they may have sold their sold to the devil. Either way, everything from on the field to off has gone their way here lately.

If State's D improves like it should, cleaning up the tackling, being where they should be and not getting lost against Grim Gus's many sets and motions, I say the Dawgs win.

We really, really need this one. I've said we need to be 2-1 somehow after the fist 3 games. After watching LSU, we better get it done this week.