I was over looking at the main board and some of the predictions are blowing my mind.

Not just because of the predicted scores, but I've never seen as many State fans this highly confident.

It is surreal. I'm glad thing look so good, but good enough to be predicting blowouts of the defending champs on the road?

Guess it's just me, but I seldom ever get too high or too low. ( Unless I happen to look down and see something like the totally inept Croom waddling along the sideline.)

I said yesterday I think if we go over and play our asses off we will win. If we don't we'll get beat. I'm confident, I just don't see it being easy.

But keep the good faith boys! However if things go bad, don't swing too far the other way. Keep that even keel.

It a pretty good boat ride from now until December. There are gonna be storms, slack water, and good winds at our backs. A little bit of everything.

Unlike our trip on the Slytanic, I have faith that we are sailing on a good vessel now.

One where we can keep an even keel.