What can you say? We all saw it.

I said they would have to play their asses off to win, and they didn't do it. Plain and simple, they didn't do it.

Like I said after the Auburn game last year, you gotta make the plays. State didn't make enough, especially on defense.

You can bitch about coaching, refs, or the sports Gods, but it all boils down to players making plays.

A glaring position weakness right now is Linebacker. Lawrence is decent, Wells (a converted safety) is a freshman, and Wilson is a walk on. Evidently they are the best we have.

Maye looks lost sometimes. Maybe he'll get it soon. Or maybe the ACC is as weak as I consider it to be and it ain't that hard to make All-ACC.

We gotta recruit some help there.

By the way, speaking of recruiting, you never know if a recruit will pan out. So many factors. Have they faced competition before, will they work, are they selfish, are they truly competitive enough to survive the rigors of playing SEC football, are they semi intelligent, do they have guts, will they quit you, and on and on and on?

But there is one position where it is not so subjective. Where basically what you see is what you get.

I'm talking about a kickoff specialist. Easy to tell if they will pan out.

75 yards is 75 yards whether you are kicking off in the BCS championship game or at Bayou Academy vs Marvell, Ark.

Shit, either you can do it or you can't. If you can't, fugg off. If you can, here is a full ride.

Now, I've never understood why people get a hard on over DTs, LBs, and DBs, and not over a kickoff man. A great kickoff man is just as valuable a defensive weapon.

Ask any coach and they will tell you if the other team has to drive 80 every time, your chances of keeping out of the endzone go way up.

Most scholarship kickers are guys that make a lot of FGs. Then usually they also get to kickoff. I got no problem giving a scholarship to a great FG kicker, however, I do have a problem with not giving one to a kickoff specialist. I would scour the damn country to find one.

The only way I wouldn't was if I were Croom, because hell, he usually only had to kickoff once a game.

State has a 20,000 plus enrollment. There has to be one sumbitch out of that many that can do it. I don't care if they weigh 350, wear a square toed shoe, and kick it straight on, or is some foreigner living in the United Nations dorm that can't speak English and wouldn't know a football from a plop of elephant shit.

You only gotta sign one every couple of years or so. One scholarship out of 75.

Who was the last kicker State had that could consistently put it in the endzone? Hell, don't ask me, I don't remember one. I also never remember us giving a guy a full ride just to kickoff.

We've had some kickers on scholarship before. Our last one lost out to a walkon. Neither could do it. Lots more can kick FGs than kick touchbacks, I understand that.

But how many touchback guys get a full ride? I don't care if he has ever made a FG. Surely he would be accurate enough to split a pair of 52 yard wide uprights.

Why don't we go find a guy to do it?

If we had we'd be a lot happier today, I bet.

What a KICK in the ass.