Wheels up on Saddawg One first thing in the morning.

Back to a place of many a past glory and heartbreak, and not just on the field. I'd move back there if there was just some damn big water close by.

God help me, I love the place.

Got a couple of Coo-Chees and my boy Fatback heading up with me. I still can't talk The Fool into making the trip. Limp Dick Larry and his wife, the Worlds Hottest MILF, are coming up for South Carolina. Maybe The Fool will come then, just so he can ogle Limp Dick Larry's wife's hooters.

So if you come to that game, be on the lookout for a highly unattractive man who looks like he just escaped from a meth lab bust, beating a 6ft-3 Limey bastard's ass while a stunning 43 year old, with even more stunning tits, looks on.

Back to Thursday night.

Boys, it's gonna be more painful than our dicks being slowly fed into a meat grinder. The Coonasses are to big, too fast, and too good. It ain't gonna be pretty.

One consolation is that we started 1-2 last year. I'm gonna keep that even keel.

The other consolation is, I can stand most anything as long as I'm back in Starkvegas.


(Hey Dawgstudent, to honor you, here's your Butter Face)