I've heard some people say "if we had done this" or "if we had done that."

Hey people......bullshit. We could play LSU 10 times and we would lose them all.

Although the gap has closed somewhat, LSU is just bigger,faster, and stronger. They are just better.

So here we sit 1-2. Sound familiar? Win this coming week, and then win 4 out of the next 8 to get back to a bowl. And yes, getting back to a bowl, any bowl, is a big deal for State this year.

Best thing is, LSU is not one of the 8.
UGA, SC, ARK. are decent, but they aren't LSU. (Bama will be a repeat of this last week, so actually we gotta win 4 out of 7)

The Bears are also 1-2. While State has already played LSU and Auburn, the Bears still have them on the schedule. Ouch. They are 1-2 having played BYU(who got torched at home, and come to think of it now, their close game in Oxford now shows how good they are), SIU and Vandy.

I've seen Vandy win against Ole Miss, but I've never seen Vandy beat Ole Miss. And that's what it was..... a beatdown.

As LSU looked more talented than State, Vandy looked the same against Ole Miss.

Does Vandy have more talent than Ole Miss? I really don't think so. Player for player, Ole Miss should be better. But Vandy has a better team right now.

I give Hootie as much hell as anyone, but I think he is a good coach. Has he burned out? Is he too old? Who knows?

My take is that he has lost his football beliefs. He is old school. Pound the rock and play action pass with good backs and a big line. He's gotten away from that for some reason.

And I truly believe Masoli was the downfall. It destroyed team chemistry and trust. It was a panic move, that blew up in his face.

All that said, it wouldn't surprise me if ole Hootie got them back playing a little better because he is cornered and may go back to what he believes in.

He better because that schedule is just now gonna get tough.

As for State, I'm still keeping the even keel.

I didn't panic last year and I'm not gonna start panicking now.

Trust me, I'll let you know when that time comes.