I had thought about heading up and actually trying the double header of UGA-OM and the State game. The Georgia Peach was bugging me about it.

I compromised and told her she could go up to Athens with us. So it looks like big screens at the Lonesome this weekend.

I'm not missing the game just because it's not a SEC or "glamor" opponent. It's because if I make the effort to go, I just want to be in Starkville the whole time. If I bring the Peach there is no way in hell she will sit still for it while UGA is playing just up the road.

That's a lot of trouble and work, so screw her. I'll just stay home.

So I'm slightly pissed, although I'll admit I could use the down time. And it will be a lot quieter with out a spoiled brat from Savannah making me miserable.

However, the chances are pretty good a couple of other spoiled brats will hang around the Lonesome Saturday to take up the slack.

I wish I had a big fence around this place with 15 mean ass former banditos from the Cali drug wars as security guards. Along with 15 rabid pit bulls running around and a moat full of gators just to keep people away from here on football Saturdays.

I also wish I wasn't quite so fond of poon tang. If I weren't, I'd be in Starkville this weekend. And I wouldn't have to put up with spoiled brats, whose one mission in life seems to be making me miserable.

But, like I told the General last year on the banks of Eckie's Pond, " Poon Tang will get your ass in a crack, every now and then."

My ass seems to stay in a crack.

A little In Honor Of Our Visitors..........................