I watched the State game twice. The first time live on the U. The second
a quick breakdown off the DVR yesterday. The first time was seen with a
pretty good buzz, so I watched the replay to make sure I saw what I

I did.

We all know we didn't play good. We all know we can't keep playing like
that. We all know we have to make better decisions. We all know we are
supposed to run La.Tech out of the stadium. We all know we are better
than that.

We all also know that just a short time ago State would have lost that game.

That what it all comes down to..... winning. We won.

Doesn't matter how or by how many. To make a bowl we gotta get 6 wins. That was one.

Anybody remember UAB last year? A few short years ago we would have lost that one too. But we didn't. We played crappy but won. I was scared to death what that meant going forward last year. But, I was just glad we won.

If we won every game on the schedule playing like shit, we would still win the SEC.

Sorry, I just can't be pissed when we win.

I can be very pissed about how we played. Pissed with play calling.
Pissed thinking about how we will play in the future. Pissed we may not
be good enough to make a bowl if we play like that.

But I am not pissed that we won.

I will never be pissed about winning.

No matter how we do it.