First let's get Ole Miss out of the way.

Good job, Johnnies, you beat Fresno. By less domination than you did last year. You went 4-8 last year. You now have Bama, Auburn, and Arky. for the next three games.

Good Luck!!!

Now for State..........

I have to confess that since I left the game at halftime(see the reason why in the post below) and only saw basically the 4th quarter, I had to recap by DVR.

First off, I really think Relf has a bad left shoulder. Others that I have been talking to think the same. It's pretty much our consensus that he hurt it against AU or early against LSU. That would explain a lot.

Like why Relf isn't banging it up in there. Relf always fell forward. Lately he has been straight up and being be pushed back. He went out of the game after falling on the left shoulder, not taking a lick on it.

Like why we went from an option team to a non option team. It's been my experience that option blocking is easier than zone or power. There is a reason the Service Academies run a lot of option. They can compete with better athletes with under sized linemen.

Speaking of linemen, State's are not playing too well.

I know, I know, "Thanks for the insight Captian Obvious."

But there is where it all starts. And ends.

We've been ok wide. But the pass blocking and inside running game take more execution and talent.

I don't see why we try to pocket pass as much with a struggling line and a banged up QB. Seems we should roll and sprint out more just to help out both.

Again, I think we have had to run less option to protect Relf.

And that is hurting the running game.

Now, if I'm wrong and Relf isn't hurt, then where in the HELL has more option been? No excuse for that. We are a option, inside run, play action team.

That has been our bread and butter. Let's stick with bread and butter. I will also say that this staff will not be Croom like and try to beat a square peg in a round hole. They will do what gives us the best chance.

As for the defense, everybody seems to be pleased with how they played in the 2nd half.

My question is..... why didn't we do it in the 1st half? Like my man Spiderman says.... " You should never have a bad effort day on defense."

That's all the 2nd half was, effort.

Even with the effort I'm still not sold on the defense. When UGA got the ball back with about 8 mins. to go, the defense let them grind out some 1st downs and 5 mins. off the clock.

I also get tired of people saying, " Well, the poor old D was out there all day." Well, like Erk Russell used to say, " Poor old D nothing. If they want off the field, hold their asses to 3 and out. They can get off the field pretty quick that way."

Overall I'm still even keeled. My thought haven't changed. We gotta get to a bowl. Any bowl.

Any State fan who is disappointed in ANY bowl trip is a damn idiot. It is hard to state how important a bowl trip this year, building on last year, is to this program.

So, if we go in and take care of UAB it will set up one hell of a game with SC. Should have a full stadium ready to go with a lot on the line.

Still a lot of ball to be played.

Let's let it play out.