Two Daves Pick The SEC !

After writing for over a decade, last year, I hung up the pen, er, keyboard and called it quits. While I must admit, being able to watch the games and not having to scout them for writing was great, however, it was not as great as writing and interacting with fellow SEC Football fans.

Now, I'm still somewhat time limited, so we won't initially start with guest daves - maybe later. I had to make a lot of calls to find my man Bubb Rubb to see if he could join me inbetween him drinking his 40's, promoting whistle tips and other, ahem, "business ventures".

A big thanks to the guys at for giving us a forum - the interaction should be a lot of fun for everyone.

The archives of the Two Daves are in questionable condition - the server that hosted them died a bad death, so we may be missing a little, but I can piece it back together in time.

Look for the preseason edition August 18th or so, live at