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    Bulldog Club question for soon to be graduate

    I graduate in December and would like to join the Bulldog Club. I was wondering if it is possible to join in with or take over my grandmothers account. She's been a member for a long time and my grandfather was actually president of the BC in the 80's before his death. She is now getting older and it is getting harder for her to keep up with all of the duties of a member..for example last year it completely slipped her mind to order basketball tickets. I know nothing about the Bulldog Club and am hoping to get some questions answered before going to them directly and then talking to my grandmother again.<div>
    </div><div>Obviously, it would be great if I could join into her account. I know that she is an endowed member so being able to keep that level for our family instead of starting back from scratch would be amazing. I think I had read on here before that there is a one time family member addition or something like that?</div><div>
    </div><div>I saw the topic about football reseating. We have had the same 6 seats in the chair backs on the west side my entire life, and definitely do not want to lose them. Are we at risk of being reseated against our will?</div><div>
    </div><div>So to recap, my questions are is it possible to join into her account, what is the annual donation requirement for an endowed member, what exactly is an endowed member, and is it possible we may be reseated if we do not want to be.</div><div>
    </div><div>Thank you very much in advance.</div>

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    Bulldog Club question for soon to be graduate


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    Bulldog Club question for soon to be graduate

    Yes you will be reseated once the addition is finished. I believe you also will be allowed to transfer the family seats once. My personal belief is that all people should have to start from scratch though. It will keep the fan base moving in the right direction in the long run. Everyone has the opportunity to move up through their lifetime. Now with that said, I do sympathize with people that has been it their grandfather's seat for their entire life. If it was me, I would love to sit in the same seats as my grandfather. But all things come to an end.

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    Bulldog Club question for soon to be graduate

    an account can be transferred once to an "immediate family member". With a traditional interpretation of that phrase, you would be ineligible, but I'd check with the BC to make sure. I'm not sure what an "endowed" member qualifies as. It's not a category on the current list of benefit levels, so no help there.
    As for reseating, it'll all depend on your Bulldog Club ranking andexact seat location. Best to call the BC and ask for the exactranking. You'll probably have to do some extrapolation from there to figure out what rank you'd need to keepyour current seats.

    Edit: the BC site does say that establishing an endowed fund takes a minimum of $25k, but again, it's only going to come down to the priority ranking on the account in question.

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    Bulldog Club question for soon to be graduate

    A couple of years ago, the BC transferred my deceased grandfather's points into my account.

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    Bulldog Club question for soon to be graduate

    Your answers have been very helpful. I plan to contact/go to the Bulldog Club when school starts and hopefully it will all work out.<div>
    </div><div>Something I guess I had always assumed was the transfer of points. Until now I had always figured it was like with the Neshoba County Fair..meaning that the Bulldog Club Account is passed down like the houses there.</div><div>
    </div><div>If anyone would like, I don't mind telling you all what the Bulldog Club says after I find out. That may be able to help others on here in the future.</div>

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    Bulldog Club question for soon to be graduate

    It'll come in handy at some point. And honestly, I personally see no issue with an account being transferred to a grandchild. I'm sure there are plenty of examples where love for State skipped a generation.

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    Bulldog Club question for soon to be graduate

    This is the first time I remember the athletic dept reseating the stadium. I'm currently in the top 2,000; have been a season ticket holder for 12+ years and the best seats I could get are 4 on the east side 25 yard line. I've withheld increasing contributions because the university told me it probably wouldn't get me better seats. With this new process I'll increase my giving to try and stay in the top 2k. Probably willing to triple my annual contribution since it impacts seating.

    Assuming there are others who will increase giving why don't we reseat more often? The ROI seems to justify the effort. Did Stricklin cover this topic during his recent chat?

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    Bulldog Club question for soon to be graduate

    This will not be a problem for me but I know two older folks (around 70) that had club level seats. Both are retired and have enough money to pay their regular club level fee each year. Now- any company can boot the retired folks out of their seats they have had since the club level was formed. It is asll about the money rather than praise the retired folks for loyalty to MSU . But I realize it is all about money.
    It really is just going to effect club level and people that seat in the 100 and 200's level. For me, I doubt people want my section R tickets.

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    Bulldog Club question for soon to be graduate

    500 bulldog club ranking. I have seats in the 200 level and have had them for many years. I understand the need for reseating. Didn't bitch about it in basketball and gave up my baseball seats since I really did not use them. However, I will say that if I lose my seats in the 200 level, that will probably do it for me. I will quietly retire from bitching or complaining. I have enjoyed supporting athletics over quite a few years and quite a few $$$. But, I'll just watch on TV. I have know this was coming and has been needed. Time for you younger folks to take over.

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    Bulldog Club question for soon to be graduate

    At one time, there was a waiting list (how many were on the list, I don't know) for club level but I'm pretty sure when the per seat requirement increased, the waiting list went away. And now, with the north end zone having a club level, I don't think there'll be a problem for present club level ticket holders to maintain their seats ... actually, they will probably be moved, but not moved out of club level. Or at least I hope not, since that's where I am and have been since the CL inception. I actually think there will be a lot of impact between the 30s on the west side, in addition to moving people around in Club.<div>
    </div><div>What's wrong with your seats in Section R? Aren't they basically on the 50 yard line? I used to sit in R, and I liked it. That was back (late 90s) when they had "Special Section R" seats, and it you requested early enough you could get excellent seats for no fee whatsoever.</div>

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