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    LOCKED - Migration Instructions/How To's/Why Leaving Yuku?

    Hello, and welcome to the new As you know, our time at Yuku was frustrating, to say the least. We hope that our new home will offer a better user experience.

    Yuku Members

    Your Yuku login credentials will not work here. Old Yuku forum members have accounts reserved. Please e-mail your Yuku username from the email you would like associated with your account here. We will reply with a temporary password.

    We're going to try to be available to process requests as quickly as possible, especially over the first few days. If you haven't received a temporary password within 24 hours, please send another request. Before sending a second request, please check your spam folder; your login information may have landed in there.

    You can not register with your old yuku username. Your username is already reserved. If you want your old username, please follow the instructions in the first paragraph under Yuku members.

    If you'd like to post under a different name, just register according to the "New Members" directions below.

    After receiving a temporary password and logging in, we recommend that you create a permanent password by going here:

    If you've received a password and are still unable to log in or post, please don't hesitate to send an e-mail to If you're able to post and have an issue that may be of interest to others, please post it. If the issue is of a private nature, please send an e-mail to or private message me.

    Please do not use the Yuku PM system to contact us.

    New Members

    If you've just found this forum and wish to join, please register for a new account. A registration link is available to logged out visitors in the top right hand corner of every page on the board or by this link - As of 11/12/17, please email once you have completed registration and we will then approve you due to the abundance of spam registrations.

    Update your Bookmarks

    Please make sure that you update your bookmarks for the forum. As always, you can go to and click Message Board to bring you here.

    Thanks in advance for your patience and cooperation. While there are bound to be a few glitches, we hope to make this move happen as smoothly as possible.
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